Doblando Esquinas

This project discuss tourisitc culture created from the Sate in orther to benfit Guanajuato´s economy. The enormus contrasts between local and toursit life are hidden behind a myth.
Trough camuflage, stickers are placed in touristic directories showing up invisible realitys.
Most downtown buildings recive founds for manteniance due to their historic heritage condition, a plaque is the indicator. A metaphoric protest is made in the name of outskirt houses, by naming the part or the heritage.
I was arrested by local police while placing stecils, and given that I participated in a meeting with goverment authorities demanding security, press criminalized my actions and invalidated my petitions.
This project uses art as protest, and the stencil raises a quiestion against the pretended liberty of expression there is in Guanajuato.

The contrast of this city, and its configuration to satisfy tourism (or any other consumption agent) is global.
Symbols and signaling are local, but the concept of the critic is universal.


(Zone of Violence) Juárez Theatre, Downtown Gto. 2014


(Insecure Allys) Alonzo Street, Downtown Gto. 2014.


Inmueble Catalogado (Heritage Building) Guanajuato outskirts. 2014.